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DEGlive (Davis Entertainment Group)

Another creation of Pro Video Audio Production inc. of Monticello, KY ( Lake Cumberland Kentucky ). Since the beginning, in 1987, 36 years in the making, Pro video Audio Productions, Inc, also known as PVAP has been building a National recognized name for itself in the audio / visual and concert production industry. While banging heads, and working deals with some of the most famous celebrities, artist and talent buyers in the world, thousands of shows later we realized that we have gained a vast knowledge of how it all works. For decades the PVAP team has been helping clients with production and booking artist for their annual events, so we thought, why not ad event promotions too.

Just before covid 19 put everything on hold in our industry, and around the world. it was discussed to create a company that would self promote events, events that could fill in empty dates of the yearly PVAP calendar. Once this idea was discussed at the conference table, and all was considered of what we could do with this knowledge, it was then that we saw a need for DEGlive.

DEGlive is in its infancy, it will run as a DBA of Pro Video Audio Productions, Inc.

DEGlive on the local level, is to facilitate appropriate indoor venues bordering our state and most importantly in our region. In house, we employ every tool that it takes to produce high quality concerts and events. Such events would include many forms of entertainment for all genre’.

Covid 19 put a huge stall on our plan. But, we are now in our planning stages of creating events. Check our sites and links for more information, follow us, help us get the word out, make suggestions, we want to hear from you! Our success will create more event opportunities for all to enjoy.

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I hope to see you at a DEGlive event very soon.

Danny Davis
President / CEO
Pro Video Audio Productions
Aerial Vision Studios